Bo Knows Laravel

These last 4 months, I’ve migrated away from Ruby on Rails, and back into the PHP MVC framework realm.  My last excursion with any PHP “MVC” framework was based on CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Symfony of which I had a combined 6 years experience.  Each framework had its share of pro’s and con’s on a per project/use basis.  Ruby on Rails had always been a framework I wanted to learn, but only because it was something I kept reading about over, and over, and over.  But, I did a good job avoiding this for 5 or 6 years by instead learning other useful languages such as Python, Perl, and even dabbling in Objective-C and Cocoa.  1/2 way through my 2nd set of Objective-C and Cocoa books, I felt my brain slowly imploding and felt it was therefore time to take a break from this limited-use garble and get back to web development.

Ruby on Rails was refreshing because the Rails books seemed to speak my native language – web.  But for some reason, Ruby has always felt like that baseball pitcher whom was so inconsistant, you couldn’t tell if they were brilliant or incredibly horrible.  Stepping into the batters box, Ruby would throw sinking curve balls I’d eventually adjust to and send sailing over the fence.  But each trip to the batters box, more often than not, I’d manage to achieve a full count before being beaned or taking a walk (you don’t really strike out, as developers can always figure out a way to reach the endgoal or objective – some ways are just absolutely the worst ways ever, but, nevertheless, a basehit is a basehit).  I’ve just grown tired of inconsistencies and on a whim, happened upon a new opportunitiy, leveraging a fairly new PHP MVC framework – Laravel.  Because of my Ruby on Rails experience, my RBI, OBP, and SLG averages have been through the roof.  Laravel has a wicked yet beautiful slider ball that I look forward to, and Laravel’s fastball is down the center of the plate at 86 MPH, just like at the batting cages.  Because of Laravel’s syntax and workflow consistencies, my confidence as a developer has been at an all-time high such that when I do see the knuckleball, a nice changeup, and a curve, I’m prepared and Bo Jackson the hell out of it.