1966 Chevelle joins family

For fathers day, I got a 1966 Chevelle Malibu.  The project itself will not be a complete frame-off restoration, but more of a “rebuild”.  I have no interest in doing an LS swap but do want to get a big block in here some day – 396 or 454, whatever I can find, still carbureted.  It has the turbo 350, automatic that I will also replace with a 5 or 6 speed tremec. The final look and feel I’m going for is death – when you see and hear it coming, you immediately question your life decisions.

It came with a 350 SBC.  I tore this down to the longblock as the heads were not flowing well and had oil leaking into them (camel hump heads even!).  I swapped them with a set of vortec heads that were just better flowing, ported and polished, and much better.  I dont remember the stats, but will update when I find them.  Long-tube 2.5″ headers, no exhaust.  Replaced all electrical circuits.

The body is straight.  The major rust is around the rear-window and panel-to-trunk.  There is a leak in the windshield seal.  I’ll be soda blasting everything myself, acid washing it, repairing the rust (with replacement panels), and plastidipping it matte-black.  Looking at 275+ tires in the back.