Finally getting into it

Unfortunately, I’ve been spending all my spare time either at baseball or working.  However, we’re getting back into the groove today.

Cracked the heads off and pulled off the oil pan – it’s a 4 bolt main (figured), and visually looks great.  We rotated the pistons again and watched for knocking and clearance on the rods – no knocking and the clearance looks perfect.

A few piston skirts appear to have rubbed against the bore – I think they collapsed, but won’t know for sure until I measure.  The bores otherwise still have crosshatching which is slightly surprising.  I really want to reuse the pistons and rings and am hoping I don’t need to bore this.  There is a ridge at the top of each cylinder bore, so again, assume we aren’t having to bore this out, honing will clean that up.

The cam is getting thrown away – 2 of the lobes are practically round!

Because of all the sludge, we pressure washed the block thoroughly with hot water and purple power degreaser.

We are going to remove the bearings a different day.